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Victorian Elegance: 18K Red Gold Acorn Earrings from Belgium

Hailing from the heart of Belgium, these captivating Victorian earrings, circa 1835, present a charming acorn motif, meticulously crafted in lustrous 18K red gold. These enchanting adornments, inspired by Mother Nature, symbolize patience and the fruition of long, hard labour. Each earring, adorned with oak leaves, dangles elegantly from a shield-shaped surmount, embodying the eclectic influences of the Victorian era. Their creation technique, die striking, ensures a splendid display of gold with minimal weight, while the hallmark of a horse’s head attests to their authenticity and Belgian origin.

These Belgian Victorian earrings from 1835 cloak an acorn fringed with oak leaves in 18K red gold. No need to be patient for your good fortune anymore, because these adorable jewels could be dangling from their shield-shaped surmounts through your lobes right now.

Antique jewelry object group: Victorian Elegance: 18K Red Gold Acorn Earrings from Belgium

Country of origin: Belgium

Style: Victorian
(more info on styles)

Style specifics: Victorian decorative arts refers to the style of decorative arts during the Victorian era. The Victorian era is known for its eclectic revival and interpretation of historic styles and the introduction of cross-cultural influences from the middle east and Asia. The Arts and Crafts movement, the aesthetic movement, Anglo-Japanese style, and Art Nouveau style have their beginnings in the late Victorian era. (freely rendered from: Wikipedia)

Period: ca. 1835
(events and facts in 1835)

Source of inspiration: Mother Nature (see also: flower symbolism)

Theme: Acorn - Acorns appear only on adult trees, and thus are often a symbol of patience and the fruition of long, hard labour. For example, an English proverb states that Great oaks from little acorns grow, urging the listener to wait for maturation of a project or idea. A German folk-tale has a farmer trying to outwit Satan, to whom he has promised his soul, by asking for a reprieve until his first crop is harvested; he plants acorns and has many years to enjoy first.

By analogy with the shape, in nautical language, the word acorn also refers to a piece of wood keeping the vane on the mast-head. In some cultures, it is said that good luck will follow if one carries acorns in one's pocket.

The Norse legend that Thor sheltered from a thunderstorm under an oak tree has led to the belief that having an acorn on a windowsill will prevent a house from being struck by lightning; hence the popularity of window blind pulls decorated as acorns. (From: Wikipedia)

Material: 18K red gold
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Technique: These earrings are die struck, an ancient method of presenting a lot of gold surface with a minimum of weight.

Hallmarks: The control mark here represents a horse’s head and was in use in Belgium from about 1831.
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Condition: good condition
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Dimensions: height 6.10 cm (2.40 inch)

Weight: 4.10 gram (2.64 dwt)

Reference Nº: 10031-4341

Copyright photography: Adin, fine antique jewelry

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Victorian Elegance: 18K Red Gold Acorn Earrings from Belgium
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