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17th Century gold and diamond cross

As if a guardian angel has bestowed upon this yellow gold cross with a value of 18K and possibly higher, this inestimable Iberian (Spain or Portugal) pendant and brooch with 23 old table rose cut diamonds withstands since the 17th century. Except for the grand pear shaped suspension, the primary shape of a diamond ascending from an eight lobed dome embellished with mille grains repeats around the fully diamond-encrusted centre. The airy presence of this jewel is a merit of the curling wirework from which leaflets sprout in between the intersections.

OBJECT GROUP : combined pendant and brooch
The brooch-system in the back is the only thing that's not original. It is added in a later stage; most probably somewhere in the first half of the 19th Century.
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN : Although it does not carry any legible control marks we believe it is of Spanish or Portuguese origin.
STYLE : Typically for 17th century South European jewelry
PERIOD : 1650
THEME : Cross
MATERIAL : 18K yellow gold
DIAMONDS : 23 old table rose cut diamonds. These table rose cuts are one of the very first versions of rose cuts as we know it today.
We do not have the weight of the diamonds which is normal in our trade when it comes to rose cuts.
WEIGHT : 17.50 gram (11.25 dwt)
HALLMARKS : No trace
CONDITION : Excellent condition - (click here for our condition scale)
MEASUREMENTS : Height approx. 5.75 cm (2.26 inch)

WHEN REFERRING TO THIS PIECE : Mention the following number: 07162-0181 or click here.

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17th Century gold and diamond cross
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