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€  8 500
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Retro Revival: Vintage Breitling Premier Gold Timepiece

Presenting a superb men's wristwatch from the vintage retro era, circa 1945. Crafted in exquisite 18K rose gold, this timepiece embodies the bold and iconic Retro Art style. Its geometric forms and delicate floral details in pink gold are a testament to the fashion of that era. This watch, restored to perfection by Breitling Switzerland, boasts an excellent condition throughout. It's a timeless masterpiece, marked '18K' and '0.750', confirming its authenticity. Embrace the elegance of the past with this remarkable Breitling Premier timepiece.

Antique jewelry object group: Men's wrist watch

Condition: excellent condition
  -  (more info on our condition scale)

Country of origin: Switzerland

Style: Vintage Retro - The style now called "Retro Art" is a genre which was developed in the 1940s and 1950s in response to a need for bold, eye-catching graphics and shapes that were easy to reproduce.
  -  See also: Retro or more info on styles

Style specifics: Retro Style is a recent designation for the period in the forties when large scale, stylized geometric forms, drapes, bows or ribbons were all the rage. Pink Gold, set with colored stones, sometimes in floral forms was common.

Period: ca. 1945
  -  (events & facts of this era, poetry of this era, fashion of this era)

Material: 18K rose gold
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Extra information: Completely reviewed and restored by Breitling Switzerland, we paid €2200 for repair

- Overall: Perfect
- Case: Perfect
- Back cover: Perfect
- Dial/Face: Perfect
- Glass: Perfect
- Movement: Perfect
- Band: Perfect
- Buckle: Perfect
- Crown: Perfect
- Papers etc.: None
- Original Box: Breitling package

More background information on: retro, styles overview,

Brand: Breitling Premier

Engraving: 593236 - 790

Hallmarks: Marked '18K' and '0.750'. Since these marks are only an indication and no guarantee, we've tested the watch on the touchstone and we indeed ascertain it as 18K.
  -  (more info on hallmarks)

Dimensions: 22,50 cm (8,86 inch) x 1,70 cm (0,67 inch)

Diameter case (from the left to the right without the crown): 35,00 cm (13,78 inch)

Measurements band: 22,50 cm (8,86 inch) x 1,70 cm (0,67 inch)

Weight: 49,20 gram (31,64 dwt)

Nett gold Weight case + buckle: 27.80 gram (17.88 dwt)
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Reference Nº: 16321-0211

Copyright photography: Adin, fine antique jewelry

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Retro Revival: Vintage Breitling Premier Gold Timepiece
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