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Vintage Jade with 18K Gold Fittings: The Silent Chronicles of a Victorian Bangle

Echoing the resilience, reverence, and transformation inherent in its history, this Victorian bangle, circa 1880, is more than an antique; it's a symbol of life's enduring beauty. The kintsugi technique used to repair its crack is a profound testament to resilience, highlighting the strength found in overcoming and embracing life's imperfections. With each hand-engraved detail on the 18K gold closure and hinge, there's a sense of reverence for its journey, an acknowledgment that every scar is a chapter in its story. This bangle has transformed, through kintsugi, into a unique piece of art, embodying the belief that there is profound beauty in evolution and change. It stands as a romantic narrative, not only of its own history but of the beauty in life's continuous transformation.

Antique jewelry object group: Vintage Jade with 18K Gold Fittings: The Silent Chronicles of a Victorian Bangle

Condition: Very good, with a respectful nod to its journey. The bangle features a delicate kintsugi repair, a traditional Japanese art form that enhances its charm. This technique, rather than concealing, celebrates the piece's history, turning the repair into an integral part of its beauty. The visible gold seam of the kintsugi adds a unique character, symbolising resilience and the art of embracing imperfections as part of life's tapestry.
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Country of origin: unknown, China?

Style: Victorian - Victorian decorative arts refers to the style of decorative arts during the Victorian era. The Victorian era is known for its eclectic revival and interpretation of historic styles and the introduction of cross-cultural influences from the middle east and Asia in furniture, fittings, and Interior decoration. Victorian design is widely viewed as having indulged in a regrettable excess of ornament. The Arts and Crafts movement, the aesthetic movement, Anglo-Japanese style, and Art Nouveau style have their beginnings in the late Victorian era.
  -  See also: Victorian or more info on styles

Style specifics: The Romantic Victorian Period - Experts divide the reign of Queen Victoria, also called The Victorian era (1837 - 1901) in to three periods of about twenty years each; The Romantic Victorian Period (1837 - 1860), The Grand Victorian Period (1860 - 1880), and the Late or Aesthetic Victorian Period (1880 - 1901).

We consider this to be of the Romantic Victorian Period. This period covers the coronation of Victoria as Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, and her marriage to King Albert and their love, their devotion to their marriage and to their country are the sources of inspiration for this period. The jewels of this period are made of intricate carvings, special techniques where the enamel is subtly worked. These techniques allowed to give the jewel a certain opulence with less precious metal needed. As precious metals were really rare at that time. Highly favored (semi-) precious stones in this period are amethyst, coral, garnets, seed pearls and turquoises. The connotation is obviously sentimental, symbolic and romantic with reminiscent Gotic and/or Renaissance patterns and an abundant use of motifs like anchors, birds, branches, crosses, hearts and snakes.

Period: ca. 1880
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Material: 18K yellow gold (touchstone tested)
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Extra information: Jade - Jade refers to an ornamental mineral, mostly known for its green varieties. It can refer to either of two different minerals: nephrite, a silicate of calcium and magnesium, or jadeite, a silicate of sodium and aluminium.

Jade is featured prominently in ancient Asian art, but also has an important place in many other cultures.

In the history of the art of the Chinese empire, jade has had a special significance, comparable with that of gold and diamonds in the West. Jade was used for the finest objects and cult figures, and for grave furnishings for high-ranking members of the imperial family. Due to that significance and the rising middle class in China, in 2010 the finest jade when found in nuggets of "mutton fat" jade – so-named for its marbled white consistency – could sell for $3,000 an ounce, a tenfold increase from a decade previously.

Jade may be enhanced (sometimes called "stabilized"). Some merchants will refer to these as grades, but degree of enhancement is different from colour and texture quality. In other words, Type A jadeite is not enhanced but can have poor colour and texture. There are three main methods of enhancement, sometimes referred to as the ABC Treatment System:
Type A jadeite has not been treated in any way except surface waxing.
Type B treatment involves exposing a promising but stained piece of jadeite to chemical bleaches and/or acids and impregnating it with a clear polymer resin. This results in a significant improvement of transparency and colour of the material. Currently, infrared spectroscopy is the most accurate test for the detection of polymer in jadeite.
Type C jade has been artificially stained or dyed. The effects are somewhat uncontrollable and may result in a dull brown. In any case, translucency is usually lost.
B+C jade is a combination of B and C: it has been both impregnated and artificially stained.
Type D jade refers to a composite stone such as a doublet comprising a jade top with a plastic backing.
(From: Wikipedia)

Precious stones: Two pieces of A quality jade (see pictures for certificate)

Engraving: both hinge and closure are skillfully hand engraved

Hallmarks: No trace.
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Dimensions: inner circumference 20,80 cm (8,19 inch) - See picture with a ruler in cm and inches

Weight: 85.00 gram (54.66 dwt)

Reference Nº: 19254-0157

Copyright photography: Adin, fine antique jewelry

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Vintage Jade with 18K Gold Fittings: The Silent Chronicles of a Victorian Bangle
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