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Vintage Vogue Clip: Sapphires Set in Tri-Colour Gold

Evoking the distinctive elegance of the 1950s, this vintage tri-colour gold clip is a masterpiece of post-Art Deco creativity. Crafted in 14K red, yellow, and white gold, it features eight resplendent sapphires, encapsulating the era's innovation in design. This piece, while echoing the geometrical precision of Art Deco, brings a unique Fifties flair, making it a timeless addition to any collection. It's a celebration of the period's fashion and a nod to the September birthstone, offering both beauty and a rich historical narrative.

Antique jewelry object group
Vintage Vogue Clip: Sapphires Set in Tri-Colour Gold

very good condition
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Country of origin

Vintage Fifties (of the twentieth century)
See also: Fifties (of the twentieth century)
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Style specifics
This type of jewelry is very specific for the fifties of the twentieth century. The Art Deco period preceded only 20 years and was still used as source of inspiration, it is (even for the trained eye) sometimes very hard to note the difference between Art Deco and Fifties.

ca. 1950
Events & facts of this era, poetry of this era, fashion of this era.

Material 14K
red, yellow and white gold (touchstone tested)
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Precious stones
Eight sapphires

It is a very common practice to treat gemstones to intensify their clarity or colour. The item in question has not been tested in this regard.

Sapphire is the birthstone (or month stone) for September.
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"585" indicating 14K gold
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3,28 cm (1,29 inch) x 1,85 cm (0,73 inch)
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9,00 gram (5,79 dwt)

Adin Reference Nº

Copyright photography
Adin, fine antique jewellery

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Vintage Vogue Clip: Sapphires Set in Tri-Colour Gold
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