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Elegance Redefined: A Belgian Art Deco Brooch Inspired by Japonism

This Art Deco brooch, a Belgian creation from around 1920, is a harmonious blend of sober serenity and vivid expression. The design, influenced by Japonism, showcases an abstract, tropical fruit motif in 18K yellow gold. The bold contrast of coral and carré cut onyx, in striking black and red, reflects the era's characteristic geometric shapes. The intricate open work back with leafy patterns adds depth, conjuring images of a serene, secluded island. This piece not only symbolises the artistic exchange between the West and Japan but also stands as a timeless testament to the unique aesthetics of the Art Deco period.

Antique jewelry object group: brooches

Country of origin: Although it does not carry any legible control marks we believe this to be of Belgian origin.

Style: Art Deco
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Style specifics: Abstract motives and geometrical forms are quite typical for the Art Deco period.

Period: ca. 1920
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Source of inspiration: Japan

Material: 18K yellow gold
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Extra information: Japonism, or Japonisme, the original French term, which is also used in English, is a term for the influence of the arts of Japan on those of the West. The word was first used by Jules Claretie in his book L'Art Francais en 1872 published in that year. Works arising from the direct transfer of principles of Japanese art on Western, especially by French artists, are called japonesque.

Precious stones: coral onyx
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Birthstones: Onyx is the birthstone (or month stone) for July.
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Hallmarks: No trace.
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Condition: excellent condition
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Dimensions: width 2.17 cm (0.85 inch), height 3.08 cm (1.21 inch)

Weight: 11.30 gram (7.27 dwt)

Reference Nº: 10015-4334

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Elegance Redefined: A Belgian Art Deco Brooch Inspired by Japonism
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