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Peace in Jewellery: The Georgian Pigeon Pin

A Georgian era stick pin, ca. 1770, offers a glimpse into the artistry of the period. Crafted in 14K yellow gold, this piece features the timeless pigeon motif, an emblem of peace and the Holy Ghost. Adorned with eight rose cut diamonds and a central pearl, flanked by strass mimicking rubies and emeralds, it symbolises love and harmony. The pin's back, a later addition, suggests an evolving history. This piece encapsulates the rich symbolism and elegance that defined the 18th-century aesthetic.

Antique jewelry object group
stick pin

good condition
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Country of origin

Georgian - Georgian style is the name given in most English-speaking countries to the set of styles current between 1720 and 1840. It is eponymous for the first four British monarchs of the House of Hanover—George I of Great Britain, George II of Great Britain, George III of the United Kingdom, and George IV of the United Kingdom—who reigned in continuous succession from August 1714 to June 1830.
See also: Georgian
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ca. 1770
Events & facts of this era, poetry of this era, fashion of this era.

Pigeon - After the WWII the pigeon became the symbol for peace. The pigeon, sometimes represented with an olive branch, is an early Christian symbol with the meaning of 'Rest in Peace'. It was also the symbol for the Holy Ghost. The pigeon was the attribute of many saints. A pair of pigeons is known as the symbol of love and harmony. In China and Japan a pair of pigeons is an emblem of long life and faith.

14K yellow gold (touchstone tested)
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Extra information
The pin at the back of the dove is of later date. We have no indication if this dove was "born" as a pin or as part of another jewel, but it is not unlikely it was not "born" as a pin.

Eight rose cut diamonds . We do not have the weight of the diamonds which is normal in our trade when it comes to rose cuts.
All diamonds we offer are screened by the I.J.G.C. for whether they are natural or synthetic, and all diamonds in this jewel are 100% guaranteed to be natural.

Precious stones
One pearl, one red and five green strass (also called paste) as ruby and emerald imitation.

Diamond is the birthstone (or month stone) for April, emerald for May and pearl for June.
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No trace.
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length dove 2,04 cm (0,80 inch)
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3,20 gram (2,06 dwt)

Adin Reference Nº

Copyright photography
Adin, fine antique jewellery

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Peace in Jewellery: The Georgian Pigeon Pin
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