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Vintage Elegance: A Glimpse of the Belle Époque in a Brooch

This exquisite Belle Époque brooch, hailing from France around 1900, is a splendid representation of the era's affinity for elegance and refinement. Crafted in 18K yellow gold and platinum, it is adorned with twelve rose cut diamonds and twelve lustrous real orient seed pearls, perfectly capturing the period's luxurious aesthetic. The Belle Époque, known as the "Beautiful Era", was a time of artistic and cultural blossoming in Europe, and this brooch, with its delicate balance of pearls and diamonds, embodies the sophistication and grandeur of the time. Marked with the French control mark of Mercury, it is not only a piece of jewelry but also a piece of history, symbolizing the opulence and artistic fervor of the early 20th century.

Antique jewelry object group

very good condition
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Country of origin

Belle Époque - The Belle Époque (French for "Beautiful Era") was a period in European social history that began during the late 19th century and lasted until World War I. Occurring during the time of the French Third Republic and the German Empire, the "Belle Époque" was named in retrospect, when it began to be considered a "golden age" the major powers of Europe, new technologies improved lives and the commercial arts adapted Renaissance and eighteenth-century styles to modern forms. In the newly rich United States, emerging from the Panic of 1873, the comparable epoch was dubbed the Gilded Age. In the United Kingdom, this epoch overlaps the end of what is called the Victorian Era there and the period named the Edwardian Era.
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Style specifics
- Medaillist Revival (in the The Belle Époque towards Art Nouveau) In 1886 Emile Olive (1853-1902) launched the medal-jewel with Vernier's Diane which resulted in the revival of medaillist's art in France.

ca. 1900
Events & facts of this era, poetry of this era, fashion of this era.

18K yellow gold and platinum (touchstone tested)
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Twelve rose cut diamonds. We do not have the weight of the diamonds which is normal in our trade when it comes to rose cuts.

All diamonds we offer are screened by the I.J.G.C. for whether they are natural or synthetic, and all diamonds in this jewel are 100% guaranteed to be natural.

Precious stones
Twelve lustrous real orient seed pearls

Diamond is the birthstone (or month stone) for April and pearl for June.
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The French control mark representing the head of Mercury that was in use in France from about 1879.
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diameter 3,13 cm (1,23 inch)
see picture with a ruler in millimeters and inches

15,70 gram (10,10 dwt)

Adin Reference Nº

Copyright photography
Adin, fine antique jewellery


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Vintage Elegance: A Glimpse of the Belle Époque in a Brooch
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