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jewelry glossary

Antique jewelry glossary

Welcome to our extensive antique jewelry glossary with around 1,500 jewelry related entries.If you feel you are missing an explanation, feel free to let us know and we will add it.

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Eight cut

A modification of the brilliant cut, used on small diamonds (usually under the 0.05 carats) that has 17-18 facets: an octagonal table to which abut 8 isosceles-trapezoid facets, the lower and longer sides of which form the octagonal girdle, and below the girdle and abutting it (forming the pavilion) 8 triangular facets extending down to a point (or sometimes isosceles-trapezoid facets extending down to a small culet). The pavilion is slightly deeper than the crown. Also called the 'single cut' or, when cut with circular girdle, 'rounded single cut'.

From: An Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry, autor: Harold Newman, publishers: Thames and Hudson

Jewelry Glossary

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